Sophie’s Paté de Campagne

Sophie’s Paté de Campagne

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Having developed this recipe, I carry my French family tradition of making pork pâté in glass jars (a pantry product with a 3 year shelf life). The pâté is a natural product traditionally without preservatives. It has been tested and developed in Dorset, using my French inherited savoir faire.

Made of free-range pork and some veal (more exactly outdoor free-range young beef), naturally low in fat, it contains no adds on or preservatives, for an authentic flavour.
It is extremely versatile and definitely not only for Christmas!

  • Perfect for lunch with a vegetable soup or a salad
  • Easy starter with some tomatoes, figs and other charcuterie
  • Makes a great gift when visiting friends and family!
  • Purchase two Jars and get a free gift box