How it works

In a effort to help local shops and keep customers and staff safe we have developed this website. In simple terms, this is how it works.

Delivery Radius:

We can deliver from any of our shops to property within a 10 mile radius of Shaftesbury as demonstrated by the map below.

For a shop:

1. Register your shop using this link.

2. Upload any logo and address info top your profile just like you would any other channel.

3. Select Product - Product Listing from the menu.

4. Add products individually or contact us to add in bulk using a spreadsheet. It will be a lot quicker if we do the upload. All we need is Titles of product, Description, Price, Weight, urls of images (if you have them already online) if not send them to us by drop box. and any variations. Again ask us for help at any point.

5. If you can tag your products with the town you are in e.g. Tisbury then the shop will sort you by location. You can also tag by product e.g. Fish, Wine etc.

6. Enable Store Collection by clicking Store Pickup Configuration in the Store configurater tab. Don;t enable if you want the products delivered. 

7. Add payment details to the Payment profile. Your bank account so we can pay you the money when someone has purchased goods.

When a customer buys something from you, you will receive an email confirming the order. You can then fulfill the order as pert he customers request to collect or deliver. You can then go to the payments section and withdraw money owed to you. We take a 5% charge from the purchase to cover CC charges and Software costs.

A Customer:

Step 1. Search for the products you need on the shop

Step 2. Add what you want to your cart.

Step 3. Pay for everything once and the money will go to the relevant shops along with your order. You can then arrange to collect or have it delivered for a charge of £2. You can select this option at checkout. We will deliver to anyone within 10miles as the crow flies of Shaftesbury.

Step 4. Stay safe and healthy and eat what you want.

If you have any questions please get in touch.